Veneered doors

Veneered doors used in a wide variety of veneer - it is real wood veneer, glued to the door, using a hot press and special glue. Typically, such doors varnished twice with a matte lacquer, which enhances the veneer pattern and the color becomes richer. Its surface is a little different from the solid wood doors. The style can vary: from classic shapes to ultra-modern look. Doors can be manufactured without overlap and install automatic thresholds on it, not to let the cold air flow through the bottom of the door. Veneered doors are resistant, long-lasting and durable. Perfect for even the most humid bathrooms or individual boiler houses. They are up to 30% cheaper than solid wood doors.

Price calculation: included the door frame, sash, surrounds, door hinges, rubber seal, installation materials and installation, lock mechanism (Note: the handle price is calculated separately).


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