Steel doors

These types of doors are a good fit, even where high humidity.

Metal door construction, equipment and features:

Door leaf: unfolded and made of 1.25 mm thick cold rolled sheet;
Frame: Unfolded from 1.5 mm thick sheet and insulated PAROC wool;
Painting: powder-painted doors RAL color palette;
Door-locks: the doors are equipped with a wide range of locks: ASSA / CISA / SECUREMME / MOTTURA;
Resistance to wind load Class-C3;
Water-tightness Class 6A;
Sound insulation-31dBm;
Dispersion of heat transfer coefficient of 2.9 W (m * K);
Air permeability Class - 4;
Mechanical strength - 4 Class;
Resistance to repeated opening and closing (100,000 cycles) - Class 5;



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