MDF painted doors for individul homes

(Doorsare designed for outdoor use)

Standard equipment:

Doors are designed for outdoor use;
Leaf: steel 1.25mm;
Vent: unfolded and made ​​of 1.25mm thick cold-rolled sheet;
Frame: 1.5mm thickness of folded sheets or 2mm thick 80 x40 mm rectangular tube;
Frames and sashes heating system: 42mm PAROC;
Insulation: Double insulation;
Painting: frame and sash powder coating;
Peephole: standard;
Threshold: stainless steel;
Additional Details;
Door-locks: the doors are equipped with a wide range of locks;
Finishing: waterproof MDF board with painted ornaments. Small window can be fitted in the door;

NOTE: We sell and fireproof doors as well. Call for technical specifications.



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